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Welcome to the world of Scottish Gemstones. My name is Renato Forno and whether you are from a retail outlet, gemmoligist or just interested in Scottish gemstones or Scottish jewellery we have pages which will interest you ranging from trade jewellery to Scottish agate localities around Scotland.The beauty and variety of these gemstones are renowned worldwide. Their use in making Victorian agate jewellery is well known and we have used our Lapidary experience to offer you beautiful gemstone jewellery using stones from throughout Scotland.

If you have ever wanted to own a lovely polished piece of Iona or Skye marble, Cairngorm gemstone, Fife agate, Burn Anne agate, red Jasper from Angus or even Portsoy marble then please get in touch and we will endevour to meet your requirements. We also provide a lapidary service for commission work or restoration of Antique Scottish agate jewellery.


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